2013 Change from B2C to B2B business
11/2012 Relocation to today’s rooms (ca. 700 sqm)
2012 Restructuring of Ebay, reorientation to B2C business with Groupon, Limango, Dailydeal etc.
2010/2011 By the end of 2010 / beginning of 2011 we were number one on eBay; turnover of individual accounts
2008 Relocation to bigger rooms (ca. 300 sqm); admission to eBay market data program; execution of the first WOW deal by the wow program; number of employees rises to 15
2007 Relocation to bigger rooms (ca. 120 sqm); opening up of Amazon; start of the online shop
09/2006 Employment of 2 trainees as office clerks
11/2005 Opening of retail shop (40 sqm) and hiring of first employee
25.04.2003 First commercial sale on eBay
31.05.2002 Company foundation